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I'll judge you quickly so watch what you say. Don't lable me cuz i've already labled you. I make grudges but usually dont hold onto them. respect is needed. ♥ grey`s anatomy && 8 simple rules && Laguna Beach. music is my therapy. love me or hate me , i could care less. if you aint feeling me, lets keep our distance. priorities are set. god is the main hero. down with tagrap shiet styll. don`t copp what you can`t rock. yah digg ? szeen.

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    Friday, September 22, 2006

    I`m styll alive. I`ve been just really busy about school, frankie and family. Too much work to do and I have no time to update anything except friendster for some reason. Anyways, same old as usual and nothing new at all. Monday to Friday - school, go home straight, on the phone with Frankie, homework, on the phone with him again, dinner, and on the phone again and sleep. Sometimes he reach Sauga (twice or three times a week) and that`s what`s keeping me real busy.


    * skool is skool - always boring, TOO much work and its not even funny.
    * friends - maannn! we need all to chill for once. Quatro babes when was dah last time we chilled ? i cant even fuckingmember ! i miss you guysz!
    * family - thanks for making us legal at last =)
    * boyfriend - your so far but why do you feel so close ? everything just feel so right for now.
    * bessy - Its almost our one year! arent chuu excited ? hmm.. wat was our plans again for our day? maan bessy, i miss you and you even have no idea.
    * muffin - holy shiit did you know that I hate ur ass ? GAWD! I miss our late nigh talk so mucho mucho. why do you have to be like this ?
    my love

    4:58 PM

    Sunday, September 03, 2006

    I`m so exausted. just got home from our roadtrip again. as usual every sunday we go and explore "Ontario" with family and family friends. pictures are not up to my multiply but i promise i`ll put them up when I have time. We went to St. Catherines, Port Dollhouse, Welland Canal, Niagara on the Lake, Oakville. We passed the Niagara falls and we saw a huge ferris skywheel. We decided to ride the skywheel -- my very very first time. They forced me to join them actually. At first I got so scared yet it wasn`t bad as it looks. hehe.

    Lately, me and Frankie had been writing "love letters". I wanna post them but he doesn`t want me to. He thinks its soo "corny" but I think its really sweet. gaaad! few more days till our four months. i can`t wait =)

    School in one more day! aren`t you excited ? caz i am. I wonder what`s my classes, where`s my locker and who`s my new lunch buddies. HAHA. but I`m nervous too.

    -happy sweet sixteen genesis.
    -happy one month lara and adriano
    -happy birthday nordy
    my love

    10:56 PM

    Wednesday, August 30, 2006


    I`ve been tagged by Kikay. The rules are on this page.
    *i`m using Kikay`s link for the rules.

    I`m short. - yupyup and please don`t ask wats my height.
    I`m attracted to girls. - if they have BIG BIG ASS! yess..
    I like British accents. - its hawt and its kinda funny too sometimes.
    I speak more than two languages. - YES! English, Tagalog, Cebuano and a lil bit of French.
    I do drugs. - used to. but I stop =)
    I enjoy taking pictures. - DEFiNATELY!
    I rely on my parents for money. - yessss caz they don`t want me to work. I DON`T KNOW WHY!
    I`m good at sports. - badminton! still working in golfing. haha
    I eat when I`m upset. - totally. icecream, chocolate, list goes on...
    My sibling/s annoy me. - ALL THE TiME.
    I have sibling/s. - younger sister PLUS Frankie`s two brothers. MY SPONGY AND PLANKTON (:
    I can sing. - in the bathroom? YES =D
    I`m a good liar. - sometimes? but never worked at Frankie. HE ALWAYS GOT ME! i dont know why.
    I`ve cut myself. - i was going to. but my sister saw me and called my mom.
    I have been cheated on. - yupyup and he should suck his balls (=
    My favourite color is pink. - pink and purple are LOVE
    I think "South Park" is funny. - im not sure. but, RAYMARK thinks its really funny. TACO BURRITO ? i dont get that.
    I believe in LOVE. - i am in love =)

    PASS TO: Jeanne.Roji.Airah.Teri.Nini.

    I`m ready for skool except for one thing - pants. I can`t find that really fit me and its really pissing me off. I`ve been eating a lot lately to reach size one. I know its really pathetic. I got my contacts, bags, white shirts and school supplies ready. I`m hella excited. Imma miss my lunch buddies, MOBABERGiRLS and those who graduated this year.

    Me and my mom had fight yesterday. As in we end up both crying. She was really pissed at me and now i really feel bad. I called Frankie last night and told him everything happened and he wants me to say sorry to her. As if thats easy to do. I promise not to talk to her ever ever ever. But kanina lang we just talk. I guess di talaga matiis. *thnks for breaking the "house rules" babe -NO PHONE TiLL 11 PM and he was still using it till 12 just to listen to me crying.

    Birthdays comming up:
    Sept. 01 - Rebecca
    Sept. 04 - Genesis
    Sept. 05 - Tita Paz
    Sept. 06 - Kris Marie
    Sept. 07 - MY DAY (=
    Sept. 09 - Tito Jaorge {Frankie`s dad}
    Sept. 12 - Maico
    Sept. 14 - Marmie
    my love

    6:09 PM

    Monday, August 28, 2006


    I was cleaning my closet when I saw pictures of my ex and some papers. Its quite long time since were off. There`s a lot of unexpected things happened. I realized that most of the girls are the one`s always got hurt and torn at the end. We take things more seriously and we`re the one who expect so much that they are going to catch us when we fall. But after the breakup and tears, there`s a period of time when nostalgia and loneliness may cloud our judgement. We miss the feeling or the comfort of being in love. We also promise ourselves never to fall in love because afraid of getting hurt again. It takes time to heal and being on our own is difficult at first, but eventually we discover that there is a bright side. Its hard and it hurts to accept truth. But we need to remember just because something was once a good fit doesn`t mean it always will be. Everything happens for a reason and for its own purpose. God will not give you challenges that you can`t handle. Forgiveness is is necessary to move forward and the best to let go. Life is about trusting your feelings and taking chances, losing and finding hapiness. Appreciating the memories and learning from the pain and realizing that people always change.
    my love

    11:37 AM

    Wednesday, August 23, 2006

    For the past few days I`ve been watching a lot of movies -- She`s the Man, The Devil Wears Prada, My Super Ex-Girlfriend, Click and Blue Moon {thnksz babe} You guys should watch Blue Moon! i think its pretty old filipino movie but its really good. I watched it twice with my mom. its really touching and nakakaiyak super *rolleyes*

    We went to Markham to visit my grandma and we also joined the Santo Nino Mass. It was nice seeing her again since its been a year when we last saw her. We also went to Pacific Mall to buy school supplies.

    We cancelled golfing and decided go roadtrip na lang. We went to Sandbank beach, Deseronto, Kingston and 1,000 Islands. It was raining but it was fun still. We got home really late as usual. pictures are still not up.. I`ll post it in my multiply tomorrow hopefully.

    I stayed home the wholeday. Been hectic for the past days so I need rest. btw, i put new layouts here and MySpace. I also upload all the pictures from the trip. I love this day, Frankie and I had an awesome conversation ever ever ever and its for the record baby =) PLUS he`s been watching filipino movies too. He wants to learn how to speak tagalog and also my language - bisaya!
    bacon + fob = love

    Frankie picked me up today. GRRREEAAATTT DAY as usual=) talk about some of our problems, future plans, meeting the parents soooon, past events, fifteen, the "issue" and etc. btw, I wanna watch Just my Luck soo bad.

    Just my Luck - Everything changed in the wink of an eye.
    Step Up - Every second chance begins with a first step.
    She`s the man - Everybody has a secret.
    My Super Ex-Girlfriend - He broke her heart. She broke his everything ++ If you love someone... set them free.
    Click - What If you had a universal remote .. that controlled your universe ?
    my love

    12:02 AM

    Friday, August 18, 2006

    Myspace is taking my time and I`m so addicted to it now. Friendster is really getting boring. I styll need to fix the picturetrail and the background though. But I like I like it =)

    Frankie and Raymark reached Sauga on tuesday. We went to SquareOne to gt the Scarface poster. Whereas Raymark bought books to finish all the series of his favourite authors. Oh yeah we saw Kristine and Angelo there. You guys should see Raymark`s new look. New haircut plus his new contact lens. riight tin ? Then, went strolling around the mall and end up going to Kariya Park since atat na atat na magbasa si Raymark. *ahem* neeeeerd. jokes=)

    Yesterday, me and Frankie decided to watched Step Up. OMG! nakakainlove promise `xD its also making you dance to the max and join the heat. I wanna know how to dance hiph0p tuloy. There`s also part na nakakaiyak. I don`t wanna to ruin it. Basta you guys should watch it. Its worth it. ....worddd !

    o815o6- 32 months nini
    o817o6- Mila and Joseph`s 18 months
    o818o6- Raymond and Kat`s 4 months

    I wanna go to tdot today. I wanna go with them sa CNE with Frankie, Chris and Jayson. Pero I woke up late. So if I go there now I already miss a lot of shows = ( Hopefully next year!
    my love

    11:28 AM

    Friday, August 11, 2006

    OMGG! I GOT MY THAAANG ALREADY GUYSZ! *phewww* sucha relieve =)

    We decided to do our monthsary on thursday. Kariya park + Subway + fifteen + on our way at Kristine`s place we saw them (Kristine & Aeyon & ate Azalea & John) They were also in Kariya Park. So we decided to go to the mall together. But when we reached there we decided to go ahead caz we really need to go pee. really bad. They went to the food court while me and Frankie checked the Tupac posters and The Source Magazines. OMG! Do you guysz think Tupac still alive? Hmm..Frankie thinks he is. He`s like obsessed of him nah! Holy! pati ako napapasali na din=/ I know he died long time ago.. I believed 1996 but has new songs. For instance: So Sick ; Neyo ft. 2pac


    omgg! im soo pissed right now. something wrong with the phone and i can`t use it. I only talked to him for like few minutes. I miss him already = (
    btw, i didn`t gt my ms back so I just made a new one. I styll need to fix it and upload pics and do the background and shit. Anywhoo, add me iight ? mrs.cacdac@hotmail.com thankies =)

    she gave a birth to a babyboy
    he is hella adorable =)

    my love

    9:05 PM